If I Can... Schools Version

Given that many schools have 36 weeks of classes, we decided to offer a selection of 36 values. As the basis are the 12 core values used by two major Values in Schools organisations, Living Values and Values Based Education. To each of these 12 values we have added two complimentary values; e.g. to Love we have added Compassion & Benevolence.

Here is a list of the 36 values:

  1. Peace (Stillness, Mindful Awareness)
  2. Respect (Faith, Obedience)
  3. Love (Compassion, Benevolence)
  4. Tolerance (Patience, Forgiveness)
  5. Honesty (Trust, Integrity)
  6. Humility (Kindness, Harmlessness)
  7. Cooperation (Sincerity, Generosity)
  8. Happiness (Contentment, Harmony)
  9. Responsibility (Courage, Determination)
  10. Simplicity (Consistency, Temperance)
  11. Freedom (Self-Control, Creativity)
  12. Unity (Self-Knowledge, Discrimination)

In order to give schools the greatest flexibility we have provided a version of all the images that can be downloaded and then used a required. For example, the daily offering can be shown at assemblies or in classrooms, colour hard copies can be printed and mounted on school notice boards etc.

Please review the How It Works section of this site for a description of the daily offerings.

If you would like to have a copy of the Schools version, please send an email request to:

Cultural Versions

You can download a version in which all the quotes are from the Bhagavad Gita, the marvellous Indian spiritual text which is said to be the inspiration for the poem If written by Kipling.

<If I Can... Gita Version (48.81 MB)>


Click the link below to see our youtube channel which has a selection of videos from various sources that relate to the If I Can... values.


To help people, especially children in school, better understand the nature of values, the benefits they bring and the difficulties in living them all the time, stories have traditionally been used. You can have access to a selection of the If I can… stories listed below by clicking on the YouTube link provided. Users are invited to Contribute story texts which we can convert to audio stories. (see below).

If I Can... Timeless Values for Today - The Book


A book, which contains a selection of 73 If I can statements and corresponding quotations, has been published by Dr H P Kanoria for free distribution in India. He has also provided us a number of free copies so that we might sell them to help raise needed funds.

The 150+ page 4 colour book is available for £8.00/$12.00 plus postage by writing to

Links to Like-Minded Organisations

We are most grateful for the guidance received from a number of individuals, schools and organisations who, like us, have also embarked on the Values journey. Weblinks or email addresses are provided below for our main supporters so far, as well for those who are actively promoting Values in all aspects of life - from the classroom to the boardroom. We will continue to add to this list as we carry on.