The If I can... Selection of 52 Values

There are 52 values covered over each year. The 52 values that are featured will be presented in the context of How We Think, How We Relate to Others and How We Act in life and the Results that manifest. Here are some examples of important activities in life and the related values that help produce the best results:


Establish a stable and balanced state of mind when making decisions.

There are many decisions that need to be made every day, usually with several options. Some involve significant external pressures, e.g. to meet expectations of others, while others have internal pressures, e.g. I want to win and to gain personal recognition. What is needed is a decision-making process based on a still balance mind that enables you to remain calm, to concentrate so that you are clear about your motives and the guiding principle that should be used as the basis for the decision.

The related values:
1 Stillness/Inner Silence
10 Self-Control/Discipline
19 Calmness
22 Fearlessness
37 Meditation

Be clear about the vision, values and long term, sustainable objectives of my life’s work.

One of the defining traits of a full productive life is a dedication to the service of others through the proper fulfilment of our duties. To best serve we need to see clearly a real need that can be met by our capabilities and then resolve to carry forth to complete the chosen task. The direction chosen needs to be sustainable over an extended period, which will happen if the vison which can be seen more clearly when there is greater mindful awareness. There needs to be a strong sense of duty that is followed faithfully, overcoming all obstacles presented along the way

The related values:
4 Service
13 Duty/Responsibility
22 Mindful Awareness
31 Faith/Devotion
40 Perseverance

Be free from excessive desires, habitual reactions and claims for success/failure.

The guiding values should encourage a more balanced and consistent approach, free from personal, ego-driven motives, and mechanical reactions, e.g. ‘we have always done it that way’, as well as excessive claims for success or blaming others for failure. We all have acquired certain habits and fixed expectations, which if mechanically followed can limit our response to the real needs of the moment. When free from attachments we are able to consistently choose the right course of action.

The related values:
7 Temperance/Moderation
16 Detachment
25 Simplicity
34 Tactfulness
43 Consistency


Establish and maintain a harmonious environment for all activities with others.

Crucial to the personal efficiency, motivation and satisfaction is a positive atmosphere where values such as mutual respect, tolerance and an active concern for the needs of others prevail. Such an environment puts more emphasis on WE than on ME. When a high level of voluntary cooperation is in place, then a harmonious environment is created for the benefit of all.

The related values:
2 Respect
20 Cooperation
29 Empathy
38 Harmony

Be truthful and transparent in all your dealings with yourself and others.

To speak the truth is natural. Truth binds. The binding is called trust, which is essential to every kind of relationship. Trust involves a confidence in the goodness, strength, reliability of another, which is only possible when one speaks as one thinks and then acts as one speaks i.e. with integrity. It results in firm long-term relationships which last through good times and bad.

The related values:
5 Truth/Honesty
14 Integrity
23 Trust
32 Honour
41 Reliability

Demonstrate real empathy/compassion for others and do what you can to help them fully develop and express their talents.

It is important to firstly acknowledge the talents and capabilities of others, without making comparisons with our own, and then where necessary to assist in their full development. It is a great blessing for all to have the freedom to enable the discovery of one’s natural talents and then to be inspired to fulfil their true potential with enthusiasm. By patiently and generously assisting others in this quest, we are benefiting as well.

The related values:
8 Compassion
17 Patience
26 Freedom
35 Generosity
44 Beauty


Focus energies on the right priorities and in the right way.

Important here is to act correctly following a decision, i.e. find effective ways of making the idea practical. This happens when there is fine discernment concerning the conditions existing in the moment, memory of the guiding principles and a determination to do what is right. Among the important values here are humility and kindness, reflecting a real concern for those who may be affected by the decision. The natural response will be one of enthusiasm.

The related values:
3 Courage
12 Discrimination
21 Humility
30 Kindness/ Harmlessness
39 Enthusiasm

Deal effectively with the inevitable challenges, mistakes and uncontrollable external factors.

Life is full of uncertainties and the best way to respond to the inevitable challenges, be they self-imposed or from an external source, is to meet them with equanimity so that one’s full faculties are available to discern the best response. Determination is most certainly required, supported by values such as Justice, Strength and a real sense of Dignity.

The related values:
6 Equanimity
15 Determination
24 Justice/Fairness
33 Strength
42 Dignity

Inspire others by actions based on the natural human values, thus setting a fine example by demonstrating that it can be done.

Inspiration and creativity arise and are most powerful when someone sets a fine example. They manifest in full measure when actions are performed with love and care for others, when actions are selflessly performed and when forgiveness is offered as required. Such a fine stable example establishes a high standard for others to follow which is crucial for any society, at any time.

The related values:
9 Love/Care
18 Selflessness
27 Forgiveness
36 Creativity
45 Stability


By putting into practice, i.e. living the natural human values, great benefits accrue for all - your family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, the community, nation, society - and for you.

Success in life is currently often measured by quantifiable metrics. While certain material resources are required for life, they need to be achieved without violating basic moral principles and great care must be taken to avoid excess. When natural values are lived, there arises a great sense of gratitude allowing friendship and loyalty to grow. What then arises naturally is what we all seek; happiness, contentment and peace. In a group of any kind, a sense of unity provides the greatest satisfaction. This is real success.

The related values:
46 Gratitude
47 Loyalty
48 Friendship
49 Happiness
50 Contentment
51 Peace
52 Unity

The Daily Offering

1) An 'If I Can...' Statement

Statements are offered in a variety of formats:

"If I can remember to say Thank You…"

"If I can see that the simple offering of love and compassion is the key to helping create a more peaceful world."

"If I can keep my mind calm and clear THEN constancy will
prevail even when faced with the unexpected."

There are some statements where instead of 'If I can...', what is more
appropriate is If we can...

"If we can see that working individually we are like drops in the
ocean, but working together we are the ocean."

2) A Quotation

Down through the ages there have been numerous statements about the true value of values coming from cultures from around the world. The statements have been made not only by spiritual and religious leaders, but by people from all walks of life, speaking about the benefits gained by living the values and the suffering and pain when the values are transgressed.

Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love. This is the eternal rule. - Buddha

If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner. - Nelson Mandela

God helps those who persevere. - The Qu’ran

Nonviolence is not a cloistered virtue to be practiced by the individual for peace and the final solution, it is rule for the conduct of society. - Mahatma Gandhi

Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. - Mother Teresa

Forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door of resentment and the handcuffs of hate. It is a power that breaks the chains of bitterness and the shackles of selfishness. - Corrie ten Boom

If you are going through hell, keep going. - Winston Churchill

It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere. - Agnes Repplier

Sometimes things aren't clear right away. That's where you need to be patient and persevere and see where things lead.- Mary Pierce

3)Videos / Audio Stories / Text

The current version represents a major upgrade adding a selection of relevant videos, audio stories and text giving a more in-depth presentation on each value.

4)Mindfulness Exercise

By clicking on the Mindfulness text image you can hear an audio presentation of the text. Listening to it helps brings one to a greater degree of stillness.

5)A Question for Reflection

Questions are offered for consideration as a means of self-examination, exploring the degree to which the value is understood and lived. It is recommended that you start by sitting quietly, letting both the body and mind come to rest and then ask yourself the question. By quietly reflecting on the question you will be better able to receive insights that help establish greater clarity and understanding of your current situation and also to begin building confidence about the benefits to be accrued from living the value.

Here are some examples:

What are the most common thoughts that distract my attention from the task in hand?

What does faith really mean to me?

Consider what activity or person has an effect of lighting up my life?

When confronted, do I seek merely to defend & defeat or also to listen and seek what lessons are to be learned?

Have I ever done anything that resulted in me not being trusted by another and if so, what did it feel like not being trusted?


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