About Us

The If I Can... statements were written by the project’s founder, Paul Palmarozza initially with the help of Jessica Palmarozza. The text for the current version has been prepared by Paul. The images were either donated by friends of the project or found online under a Creative Commons license. The images of the current version were selected by James Saunders who for the last 4 years have been responsible for creating the imagery to express the content and for the technical expertise in launching the daily offering via MailChimp.

The Project Manager for the initial development, maintenance and upgrading of the site was Jerome Toole, initially assisted by James Saunders and Olivia Palmarozza. Sanjay Poyzer was in charge of the initial web development which was passed to Jerome. Since 2015 the design, development and maintenance of the app and the website has been managed by James Saunders. During that time a number of refinements have been added as well as features that ensure compliance with data protection laws.

To manage the business aspects of this offering, in 2013 we have formed a non-profit Community Interest Company, If I Can... CIC. Individual donations are gratefully accepted. Please see the Donate section at the bottom of the page for the Paypal donation facility.

Our initial patron was the Leon MacLaren Art Trust. We are also most grateful for the support of the Education Renaissance Trust, the Charity Panel of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists (WCIT), Mr Hari Prasad Kanoria Founder of the SREI Foundation and Mr Hans Leewens and his values-based organisation, Resourcement, who is currently our main sponsor.

We are also grateful to the RSA for their support in our Crowdfunding appeal to raise funds for the initial development of our business-based values app, Ethical Entrepreneur. Details of this offering can be found on www.ethicalentrepreneur.org

Lastly, we would like to acknowledge the great deal we have learned from individuals and organisations engaged in promoting and supporting values in all aspects of life. Please see the Resources section for links to their websites.

Please see the Browse section for access to the material offered over the past 7 years.

To contact us with feedback or to report technical issues, email: ppalmarozza@gmail.com