About Us

The initial If I Can... statements were written by the project’s founder, Paul Palmarozza with the help of his daughter Jessica and the vast resources available in libraries and on the web covering centuries of written wisdom. The images were either donated by friends of the project or found online under a Creative Commons license. The project could not have been created without the generosity of these photographers all of whom are identified as part of each ‘Today’s Post’.

The Project Manager for the development, maintenance and upgrading of the site is Jerome Toole. Sanjay Poyzer was in charge of the initial web development and James Saunders and Olivia Palmarozza have and continue to assist in the production and organising of the images.

In order to be able to accept funds from Charitable Trusts, we have formed a non-profit Community Interest Company, IF I Can... CIC. All proceeds received over and above our costs to develop, maintain and update the project will be given to a range of charities who support values. Individual donations are gratefully accepted. Please see the Donate section at the bottom of the page for the Paypal donation facility.

Our initial patron was the Leon MacLaren Art Trust who has continued to be our main donor. We are also most grateful for the support of the Education Renaissance Trust, the Charity Panel of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists, Mr Hari Prasad Kanoria and the SREI Foundation and Mr Hans Leewens and his values based organisation, Resourcement.

Dedicated Mobile Versions

We would also like to acknowledge the very generous support received from Aress Software, an Indian software development company, who on hearing about our work have developed the Apple iPhone and Android versions as their charitable contribution. These versions are now available in the respective app stores:

Get it on Google Play

Much thanks to the CEO Rahul Malhotra, UK Director Alan Acton, Project Manager Priya Ekbote and Rajnesh Vishwakarma.

Through the generous contributions of these individuals and organisations and a number of individuals, we have been able to continue offering the online version for the 2nd year, to develop the phone versions and also to produce a free downloadable schools’ versions, including the provision of added resources such as a collection of values based stories and YouTube videos. We have also been able to expand our social media presence by offering a daily values message on both Facebook and Twitter.

Lastly, we would like to acknowldge the great deal we have learned from individuals and organisations engaged in promoting and supporting values in all aspects of life. Please see the Resources section for links to their websites.

To contact the team with feedback or to report technical issues, email: team@ificanapp.com


This project’s completion and continuation relies entirely on donations from its users and support from charitable trusts. Any proceeds from these donations and from charitable trusts, over and above our costs to develop and maintain the If I Can... project, will be donated to various charities.